Monday, January 29, 2007

working woman

ok, before i get started on this, i just have to say that some weird (and some slightly offensive) crap can pop up when you google "working woman." i was thisclose to putting up a picture of Maid Barbie, just for irony's sake, but i couldn't do it. sorry, irony!

so no picture for this post. but this exciting news: i got a job! i will be working part time (with hopes to move to full time by sept. or next jan.) as a youth pastor at a great (multicultural, socially concious) church with great kids. i will have 4 weeks vacation, full health (now i can get sick or break my leg or something), and the chance to preach (with extra pay so it won't interfere with my youth work hours).

next step: apartments!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

this may earn me a lecture...

so this past week i had a friend staying with me.

a friend who wanted to see all the historicity boston has to offer.

so i did some things for the first time:
the freedom trail (YES, i know. i am from boston. i have seen almost all of the things on the freedom trail separately, on their own. i have never, however, seen them while sticking religiously to the red line.) we actually only made it half way through because it was so frickin' cold and my friend was only in a fleece. i was frozen in my sleeping bag (coat) so it must have sucked for him.

*side note: i never get tired of looking at old gravestones. which i realized there are a LOT of in boston and surrounding areas. does this make me weird? in concord there's an old graveyard with a gravestone of a slave who bought his own freedom, written by an abolitionist lawyer. it's pretty interesting. google "john jack" and concord.

walden pond (YES, i know. i am a writer and an english major). did you know thoreau's little walden spot was only a half-hour walk from his parents' house? i bet he went home for laundry and dinner all the time. (just kidding, henry!)

the maine coastal route. to get to colby i usually just shot up 95, but we took this way up to freeport. there are pretty points, but it doesn't really hug the coastline the way route 1 in CA does, and it's kind of hard to follow (does a lot of twists and turns in small towns and i got lost, of course).

other things we saw (but weren't firsts for me): boston's north end, salem witch/wax museum, l.l. bean, emack & bolio's, my church.

Monday, January 15, 2007

you had a bad day...

so saturday, which in many senses was very nice because i had a nice morning retreat time with fellow seminary-finishers, saw one friend got married, had a great dinner (at the reception), and got to go to a nice lounge on the south loop with another friend.

however, in the midst of this niceness:
1. at the retreat, after checking my voicemail, had my phone inexplicably die. just die. go black. button pushing did nothing. plugging in did nothing. it wasn't low on battery, just died. today, the verizon lady taught me when your phone inexplicably dies, all you have to do it take out the battery and put it back in again. voila! of course i didn't know that, and so was phoneless for a day and a half, which is much more crippling than it might initially seem, especially when you drive a total of 150 miles in two days and your favorite thing to do is talk on the phone while driving. and you get lost and want to call people for directions or to say you will be late. and you are trying to sell your mattress on craigslist and told the seller guy to call you today.

2. i had to leave the retreat early to get to the wedding, and decided last minute to borrow a friend's skirt, instead of wearing the pants i wore to all my interviews (i was kind of at a wardrobe loss, as i didn't get invited to the wedding until the last minute, and most of my nice clothes are now in boston). so i had to stop for lotion and nylons. but i didn't look closely enough at the nylons at target, and when i checked out the total was $17. out rageous! i thought, but decided to heck with it and went into the bathroom so i didn't waste any more time. however, the nylons were so outrageously priced because they were not in fact nylons, but special stomach and thigh tucking-in thingies. so i had to go back and get ACTUAL nylons, and then put them on.

3. because of shoddy googlemaps directions, arrived late to the wedding. if you know my directional abilities, you might be tempted to blame this on me, but really, googlemaps told me to go left when i should have gone right. is it my fault i didn't figure this mistake out quickly and instead drove 20 minutes in the wrong direction? perhaps.

4. at wedding, attempts to take pictures were thwarted by dead camera battery.

5. rushing out of wedding, late to meet my friend whose house i am crashing at, i am pulled over in glen ellyn, IL, and get a speeding ticket. for $75. my sister somehow manages to get out of ALL her speeding tickets. i've gotten one straight up warning, one slightly sketchy warning tainted by racism ( long story from college), and three tickets. they never even talk to me. i never get a chance to flick my hair or bat my eyelashes or cry (none of which i could do successfully anyway). i cannot call my waiting friend and tell her of my lateness because of the dead phone and the lack of knowledge of the taking out and putting back in battery move.

as i was pulling away from my pulled over spot, i turned my radio back on and heard...
"you had a bad day, ba da da da da"

seriously what does the rest of that song say? in my head i sing, "you had a bad day, you're taking one down, take a sad song and you turn it around..." is that how it goes?

so what does that say about me?

Today on Whose Wedding Is It Anyway, from a wedding coordinator who had to play the part of the minister for the rehearsal: "So I'm now the minister... although I'm not old and bald."

Thursday, January 11, 2007

day four of chi-town vacay

so i've been in chicago 4 days. the first full day i was here, i had 5 interviews in a row with the superintendents from my denomination. 30 minutes each, one of me versus three of them.

i've always thought i'm not that great of an interviewee. sometimes i do (or say) things that make people go "you did (or said) THAT in an interview?" nothing truly awful, like deciding i feel a dance coming on or anything, but fidgeting too much (because i am a natural fidgeter) or saying i'm disorganized or that i dislike administration (you're supposed to phrase it more positively, like "i am so ambitious in my ideas and creative in my mind that it's difficult at times to contain all the excitement i feel in a neat stack of paperwork").

but the superintendents were very positive and affirming and it was all in all a good experience. but EXHAUSTING. i fell asleep at like 7.

next step: selling my mattress and box spring on craigslist.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

b plans & balloons

so, i'm invited to the inaugural ball for the new massachusetts governer, deval patrick. i'm not particularly special (as far as this occasion goes, anyway). he invited everyone, provided you bring 50 bucks and a pair of socks for impoverished children. if i didn't have plans i would wear the outfit i wore to torgo's wedding, which is the only thing i have that can classify as black tie, and is a smashing ensemble, if i do say so myself. if my plans fall through, however, i'm totally there. anyway, i think it's great he flung wide the doors. i can't help it, i like this guy already.

in other massachusetts news, it looks like the amendment to ban gay marraige will be on the ballot for 2008. i had to drive my mother downtown early this week, and i drove past the state house and right in between the two groups of protestors. by the anti-gay-marriage people was a big orange balloon that said "JESUS IS LORD." now, i'm down with the balloon. i believe it. i say it. i'm a few months away from officially being a pastor, for goodness sakes. my problem is connecting the balloon to that side of the argument, like attaching God's blessing to a pointless war. as far as i'm concerned the balloon should be floating up in the middle, covering both sides.

one of my seminary professors has a bumper sticker that says "God bless the whole world, no exceptions." that i can get behind.