Friday, October 16, 2009

zuppa toscana and boo! (scary)

So, I'm sure you are all dying to know what happened to the kale.

I bought some kielbasa, some cream, and some bacon and made zuppa toscana, which took me 45 minutes and used approximately 6 pieces of kale. So, there were many pieces of unused kale, which I...did not cook. I gave them away. That's right, I gave up on the kale. Judge me.

In other news! I am now in the throes of deciding on a Halloween costume. As some may know, I pride myself in my Halloween costumes (see last two years below). This year I was thinking of Indiana Jones but I think such a costume requires too many additional items. I have: khaki pants, brown belt, swagger. I would need: leather jacket, a button down shirt, adventurer's hat, dirty knapsack, whip. That's a lot of purchasing. Any other good ideas out there?

I have been:

a superhero (NOT wonder woman -- just a generic saver of lives)

a crayon (green)

an angel (picture of which I have somewhere in my apartment and have to scan/post)

biker Pooh (picture of which I hope someone has somewhere, this was one of my favorites)

so I have a lot to live up to. what can I be?

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

adventures in vegetables

so I'm attempting the CSA (community supported agriculture) vegetable box thing. a friend from church pointed me towards a CSA that sells single shares, so I signed up for one and for 1/2 dozen eggs.

the problem is, they are pretty ambitious about what they think one person can eat as far as vegetables goes in a single week.

last week, I got bok choy. which I have never even seen in its raw form. in fact, when I saw the bok choy at my aforementioned friend's house, I thought it was a leek. so I figured out a dish, made some "Bacon-y Bok Choy" (thanks!), which was enough at least three meals. I also made homefries for breakfast one morning. but everytime I ate some place else (restaurant, at church), I felt guilty, thinking of all the vegetables slowly rotting in my fridge.

the point is that out of the box last week, I ended up only eating the bok choy, half of a pepper, and three mini potatoes. I was therefore left with 6 mini potatoes, the other half of the pepper, two winter squash, two cucumbers, lettuce and arugula. I have all that and yesterday I picked up a whole new box!

I think the ultimate result of this is going to be me not eating out as much. people are going to invite me out to eat and I'm going to be like, "what about the kale, man? WHAT ABOUT THE KALE??"

let's not fail again, mmmmkay?

ok, so I have been bad.

we're going to try this one more time. if I get lazy again, I'm giving up forever. but if I stick with it and get prolific, someone has to mail me some cookies. that's the deal.