Monday, July 16, 2007

Fudge vs. Gore

so last thursday i saw harry potter and the order of the phoenix, which was good, but i always hate watching movies based on books because i want the WHOLE book in the movie, and that hardly ever happens. but i was entertained.

and just this very evening i watched an inconvenient truth.
and i decided that when jk rowling wrote the order of the phoenix, she may have been thinking about global warming.

no, wait, really, just listen.

so in order of the phoenix one of the main themes is that the governing body, the ministry of magic, does not want to admit that voldemort is back, and so they get increasingly strict in their monitoring of people who disagree and increasingly shrill in their denials that anything is wrong, even while evidence that something is gravely wrong is staring them in the face. (i mean, hello, dementors in little whinging? mass breakout in azkaban? c'mon, fudge! wake up and smell the soul-sucking!)

let's see. a governing body, not wanting to admit a dangerous situation is imminent? well, ok, that doesn't have to global warming, it could be any number of things. but global warming makes sense also.

one of gore's most chilling facts (and there are a lot of chilling facts) was the results of a study that looked at over 900 scientific articles over the last ten years and over 600 popular press articles. 0% of the scientific articles disagreed that global warming is a serious problem of which humans are the main cause, while over 50% of the popular press disagreed. as gore says, no wonder people are confused.

just like how the prophet called harry a liar, despite the endorsement of one of the greatest wizard who ever lived, dumbledore.

what i'm trying to say is this. don't be like seamus finnagin's mom, believing what the press says, denying a potentially horrendous situation, until the death eaters are practically at your door. be like luna lovegood's dad. that is to say, believe the evidence, and then use your power to put what you know out into the public to convince the doubters.

Friday, July 06, 2007

everything's gravy

it's been a long time since my last update, sorry about that!

what have i done? i went to camden to hang out with some kids and adults at the ministry i used to work with. all the kids seemed older and stretched out and had facial hair and deeper voices (well, the boys had facial hair and deeper voices). the ministry had changed a lot too -- but everything still felt so familiar.

me and gabby (who is now leaving to work with street children in peru)

(joey in shades and a hat i made him wear)

(tony, pookie, me, albert -- the twins are the guys i gave piano "lessons" to)

(tyrone & cj -- had a great time reminiscing about how awful they were to me when they were in the 8th grade)

(abby, little myron, jason, justin -- the last time i saw jason he was up to abby's elbow. and now, what was i saying? all stretched out. facial hair. i'm old)

(jesse -- he's preaching at his church now!)

(shawn wasn't around for lunch so i sat on his porch with him and we talked for a long time...this kid's going to be a famous dancer some day)

i got back sunday night and felt rushed and struggled to get a discussion ready for youth group on Monday, but we talked about the supreme court decision on the case against seattle/louisville school systems (which i will blog about when i DON'T have a sermon to write) at youth group on Monday and had a very lively discussion that went around and around and came back again. the kids didn't know what they thought, but they got pushed to articulate, which was awesome.

also, i had a GREAT 4th. my friend steve had a party, and i am typically the type that wants to go home at 11 because i'm sleepy, but this time i was wide awake even when we were driving home against the lightening sky. my old high school crew got together and talked forever -- and then continued it the next day when we met for brunch at lisa's house and ate and talked until i was hungry again and looked at the clock and it was SEVEN. so then we went to chili's

(this is us on the porch)

the point being: it's been a superb week.