Saturday, December 22, 2007

fun for me (possibly not for you)

Google Image Search your answer
- pick one image from the first page
- and post

1. The age you will be on your next birthday


2. A place you'd like to travel to

3. Your favorite place

This is "with friends," not cavorting in the snow. See previous post.

4. Your favorite object

5. Your favorite food

6. Your favorite animal

7. Your favorite color

8. The town in which you were born

9. The town in which you live

Same town, in case you were confused. The first is an awesome picture of Boston, isn't it?

10. The name of a past pet

I find it kind of hilarious that there is a Fritz the cat comic book, and our first pet was Fritz the cat. AND our Fritz looked like this. But our Fritz was a girl and never tried to rock a red blazer or pick up chicks.

11. The name of a past love

David Mcfadden, 3rd grade. I can imagine this is what he would look like if he was old and a poet.

12. What you wanted to be when you were little

This is a picture of a "lady archaeologist" (their designation, not mine). I looked up archaeologist then thought I should find a picture of a woman and this is what I got.

13. Your nickname/screen name

Kind of boring, but tinglypoet did not yield a lot of options. Neither did triggermarie, my other one.

14. Your first name

15. Your middle name

Don't know who this lady is, but her name is marie.

16. Your last name

These are both interesting, because the first is a picture of a group project that I did in seminary raising awareness about the lack of handicap accessibility in the seminary building. What's funny is that this picture came up because the caption says that the woman in the chair is me, which she is obviously not. She's Deborah Penny, for the record.

The second is interesting because this guy, O.G. Tinglof was not only an original gangster, but a pastor in a church in New Hampshire that was from the denomination my church sprung out of, The Swedish Evangelical Mission Church. I'm carrying the flame, O.G.!

17. A bad habit of yours

I am no lazier now than I was forty years ago, but that is because I reached the limit forty years ago. You can't go beyond possibility.
- Mark Twain in Eruption

18. Your first job

19. Your grandmother’s name

I had two grandmothers. This makes one look slightly more distinguished, but they were both on par.

20. Your major in college

Friday, December 21, 2007

pros and cons of living in boston in the second snowiest december EVER (or, why i'm glad i have slippers)

UPDATE: people who come here from Google: if you want the REAL pros and cons of living in Boston, this post will not help you (sorry).  Go here instead.


It's pretty: yesterday when I was driving home all the soft and fluffy snow was still clinging to the branches -- lovely, like a winter wonderland (to be said with hands clasped by cheek, all romantically)

It brings neighbors together: people are all out, shoveling together. And for every mail truck guy that drives by and goes "Boy, you got a long way to go," there's a middle aged Brazilian lady who helps you clean off your car. And everyone has something to talk about.

It's cozy: It's fun to sit inside and drink tea and wrap presents (with your slippers on) when it's snowy feels like Christmas.


Parking (or owning a car in general) makes me want to poke my eyes out. I had to park on the street in Chicago, but I never remember it being this bad. It's taken me a total of 3 hours to shovel my car out on various occasions, last night I realized why it's bad to leave your windshield wipers on when you get out of your car in a snowstorm (I don't think there's been so much snow in my car...well, ever.) Also, there are like half the parking spaces available because there are huge piles of snow and ice in the other ones.

This past Sunday, there was a snowstorm, and we canceled church! Well, we didn't cancel it, but nobody came!

People drive crazy in the snow! And park crazy (because they are desperate to find a space to park).

And it's pretty, BUT (big ol' but), it gets dirty and gross pretty quickly. Like, big piles of chunky, grungy ice, and big puddles of slush that you have to jump across. And people shovel their sidewalks, but nobody shovels ways INTO the sidewalk. So you have to scale the piles or slog through the slush. So your shoes and socks and such get soaked. BUT (big ol' but and a new pro) then you can wear your slippers. =)