Sunday, June 11, 2006

goal update

goals accomplished this week:

two and a half books read (Street Girls, House on Mango St., halfway through White Woman's Christ, Black Woman's Jesus)

verse a day in both hebrew and greek (rock on with my bad self!)

no pictures taken, no exercise besides the walk to and from work.

however, in my defense, it's been raining all week. and i got blisters from all of my new shoes. this is why i'm not a professional, people. by friday, i was applying FIVE bandaids in the mornings, and i'm not even wearing high heels. (speaking of the stupid rain, yesterday my friend had front row sox tickets on the first base line, like FRONT ROW, and entrance to the Crown Royal Room -- meaning you get your fenway frank served to you, with fries, and we waited five hours for the rain to lighten up and the game to start, but i had to leave early anyway to say goodbye to torgo and clean out his fridge, and by then i was really kind of like "who even cares!" and then the sox lost abysmally, and even MORE abysmally today, and i think it's all because of my presence -- i'm a sport jinx, if i want teams to win they lose. i can't even pretend i like the opposite team because its like the sport jinx fairy KNOWS MY THOUGHTS! whoa a long parentheses)

the job is good -- gives me discipline, but i totally fall to crap on the weekends. i watched the entire second season of entourage over the past two days.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

I am looking for a dare to be great situation.

i have goals for my summer.
i'm putting them out there so people can be like, "so christina, your goals? get on that." you know, so i don't get lazy.

goal 1 is thesis crap. get it together, basically.
goal 2 is reading. i have about 5 books on my dresser to be read already. goal is one a week.
goal 3 is exercise. i'm trying to be realistic, so i'm taking into account that i'll be walking at least 2 miles every day for work, but i'd like to do one fun recreation activity a week. i'm trying to get friends together for a weekly/semiweekly grilling night, so recreation could be combined. now that North Park has introduced me to the wonderful world of bocce, i may have to introduce bocce to the wonderful world of Hyde Park. yeah, i know bocce's not that rigorous, but it's movement.
goal 4 is hebrew/greek. one verse a day in each.
goal 5 is the fun one: on my last day at sarah's circle lynn gave me a list of things she wants pictures of in boston (and surrounding areas). here is what it is:

Newport: any 3 mansions of the Preservation Society

Boston proper: Paul Revere's House
Old South Meeting House
Old State House
Old North Church

Lexington/Concord: Buckman Tavern
Hancock Clarke House
Monroe Tavern
Concord Museum (lantern picture)
The Old Manse

Misc: Martha's Vineyard -- she may have to settle for the Cape on this one.
House of the Seven Gables

there it is people. all this and project runway starts up again july 12.
oh yeah, and countdown to my birthday? t-minus 1 month, 25 days.

P.S. points if you guess where the headline quote is from.

the prodigal bostonian

here i am back in da bean. chillin' like a villian.

i'm in the calm before the storm here. one week of rest before CPE blows in full force.

1. went to the dentist -- apparently i brush too vigorously, but am in pretty good shape otherwise.

2. ensured i did not have TB (i'm sparing you a picture of someone giving a TB test, or what TB looks like, or what a postive TB test does to your arm. what i will tell you is that when a TB test is negative your arm just looks like your arm.)

3. went to torgo's yard sale (exceedingly successful despite the rain and the Little Dude Who Would Not Sleep) and scored 17 books, most on race and/or feminism which will be useful for my thesis unless i change my mind completely and decide to write on the theology of plumbing or something.

4. resigned myself to having to dress relatively boring-ly for the summer. no studded belts, no hoops. my dressy clothes are mostly black and grey which is not only boring but kind of depressing.

5. found a pair of sensible, comfortable, versatile (is that how you spell that?) black shoes and almost choked while paying $60 for them. i won't bother with a picture because they're too boring.

6. went to a discount outlet and instead bought FOUR pair of shoes for $70 (planning of course to return the pair from 5.) which include: one pair of sensible, comfortable, versatile black shoes, one pair of comfortable, but probably not as sensible brown shoes, one pair of hiking boots (yes, really. for when i hike. shut up! they were 10 dollars!), and one pair of comfortable but not in the least sensible or versatile sketchers boots that look like they're baskets sort of. um, but i love them, and they were only 10 dollars too! here they are:

7. read breath eyes memory, a story of the relationships of 4 Haitian and Haitian-American women, which i borrowed from a friend in JANUARY.

8. celebrated my brother's 40th birthday with cake and ice cream at his house, brought him a North Park T-shirt, played chess with nephew Seth (7), chuckled at nephew George (3) who repeats everything, was tempted by sister-in-law's new hobby of scrapbooking and selling scrapbooking materials (a tool to round the corners of a picture? a blade and tool to cut perfect ovals? i'm in!) .

10. basically just bummed around; i kind of turn into a materialistic, lazy glutton when i'm home with nothing to do, so i'm happy work is starting.

on a side note, while looking up pictures for this blog, especially the teeth one and the TB arm one, i came up with some pretty gross stuff (just by googling "arm" for heaven's sake). by googling "teeth" i found this story of a GI who was shot, point blank in the face, and the bullet was STOPPED by his TOOTH, which, needless to say, fell out. i'll spare you that picture too.