Thursday, October 12, 2006

right now

in the middle, nay, the beginning of october, it is SNOWING in chicago. you know what that means? we're just a hope skip and a jump away from this:

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


tonight on lost they both referenced and SHOWED the final out of the 2004 world series. the world series that the red sox, the beleagured supposedly cursed red sox, WON, with the GREATEST baseball comeback in history.

i watched that final out with my hands cupped over my face, hoping it was true but thinking it was possible that something could be flubbed and the spell would be broken and we would lose. but we didn't, and we WON!

and then, two years later, it's replayed on our favorite show. well, one of them. and my roomate and i totally had a min-re-celebration.

Monday, October 02, 2006

this squash ravioli is quite possibly the weirdest looking thing i have ever made. ever.

i don't know why i think it's a good idea to cook something i've never cooked before when people are coming over.

i don't think it tastes bad. people just may be too scared of it to eat it.

i will post pictures later.

cross your fingers

tonight i made squash ravioli.

squash from the vegetable box, which this week also contained sun choke, whatever that is, and green tomatoes (which i think i will fry).

so i baked the squash, added some butter & brown sugar, put them on won ton wrappers, folded them up, tossed them in the freezer for tomorrow.

i'm serving them to some peeps coming over for dinner, so i hope this is not like the million other times i've tried something ambitious when people are coming over instead of just sticking to something i know, like scrambled eggs.

anyway, stay tuned.