Thursday, April 24, 2008

bugging OUT

I woke up to the sound of buzzing this morning (about 5 minutes ago) really LOUD buzzing. And as it turns out the really loud buzzing was coming from a really BIG bug that is now hanging out on my window sill. I don't know where the bug came from -- I had my back door open last night but there's a screen and no hole big enough for a bug of her enormity to fly through.

Anyway, now she's hanging out on the sill -- I opened the door and the screen and tried to startle her, but neither the pillow nor the flip flop thrown at the bug seemed to fluster her. Do I try to kill her? I'm too scared to get close. But I don't want to leave either, because what if she hides somewhere? And I get home and sit on her? Last summer I knelt on a bee, and that went bad places. Who knows what kind of bug THIS bug is? Who knows what she's capable of?

ETA: Well, I screwed up my courage, gave her a little push with my pillow, and she's out. Also, I am pretty sure it was a bumble bee.