Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I cut my hair

The bottom one is the one right after the salon visit, so that's why the hair looks so sleek. The top one is all my own stylin' skillz.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

vote early, vote often

I think I feel like I blog more than I do. Just checked and I guess I don't. Sorry!

So, yesterday I worked the polls. The best story I heard all day was from a woman I was working with who told us how the governor had voted and had tried to shove his privacy shield (a cardboard folder to hide your ballot while you check out) into the scanner along with his ballot. Whoops!

Some other observations, based on my experience with my one small precinct:

*There are not many Republicans floating around, and many of them like to tease you: "The only one in Massachusetts!" "There are a few of us!"

*Lots of parents bring their kids, even their teenagers, which I think is neat. I remember back in the day going with my mom when it was the huge machine where you turned down the levers. Some people bring their dogs (one couple came separately, but each bringing the same dog, so of course there were plenty of jokes, i.e., "He's only allowed one vote!")

(ed. note: I am spelling everything wrong today. I spelled governor governer, observations obversations, and levers leavers. GAH).
*There was, indeed, very high turnout. The warden were I was, who has been working elections for 8 years, said that she estimated between 900-1000 voters in our precinct, and over 750 turned out. She said that on smaller, city elections, less than 200 show up. I don't think I would like to work those elections...

*It is very cold at 6AM in a college gym with no lights or heat.