Wednesday, September 24, 2008

customer service is a beautiful thing

Super Helpful Store Assistant One: AC Moore, can I help you?
Me: I'm looking for some self-hardening clay.
SHSAO: Yeah, we have that.
Me: What brands? (because I want to search them online to figure out which will have the consistency I want)
SHSAO: We have Nicole, Sculptee and DAS.
Me: What sizes and at what price?
SHSAO: I don't know, I'll have to give you to someone on the floor. Hold on.

No pleasant hold music. Some weird beeping noises.

Super Helpful Sales Associate Two: Hi, can I help you?
Me: I'm looking for self-hardening clay.
SHSAT: We have that.
Me: OK.
SHSAT: ...
Me: Can you tell me what sizes you have and how much they are?
SHSAT: OK, hold on.

Weird beeping noises.

SHSAT: We have a big size and a smaller size.
Me: A big size and a smaller size?
SHSAT: Yeah, one is big and one is a little bit smaller.
Me: What are their weights?
SHSAT: I don't know, hold on.

More weird beeping.

Hello, ma'am?
Me: Yes. I'm looking for self-hardening clay
SHSAO: I know, I'm the first person you talked to.
Me: OK
SHSAO: 56 grams.
Me: 56 grams is the weight of the clay?
SHSAO: Yeah.
Me: What's the price?
SHSAO: I don't know, she just gave me the phone and told me to tell you 56 grams.
Me: Can you find the price for me?
SHSAO: OK. Hold on, I'll walk over there.

Which brand?
Me: All of them?
SHSAO: Well, do you have 3 years to listen, because there's a lot of brands.
Me: OK, then, what's the biggest size you have?
SHSAO: 5 lbs for $13.50
Me: and what's that brand?
SHSAO: Something Mexican, Mexican something. I don't think it's well known, I'm pretty sure it's a discount brand. (the brand he's talking about is actually AMACO, which is very well known...they sell a Mexican style clay. I have the feeling he walked away from the aisle again at this point)
Me: Do you know if it feels like regular clay you would use to make pottery?
SHSAO: Yeah, when it dries, it feels more like pottery than clay.
Me: ...
SHSAO: ...
Me: OK! Thank you.