Wednesday, November 29, 2006

accentuate the positive

i could be posting about this crazy fool <--, but after watching his rampage, the whole thing just makes me feel gross, so i'm not going to.

INSTEAD, i'm going to talk about this dude -->, who i decided i love. i don't know tons about the story, but from what i've read so far, it appears he is selling shoes and athletic gear, good quality stuff, for $15 dollars or less per item, even the stuff that is most top of the line. just to provide people who might otherwise break the bank to buy sneakers with affordable merchandise. people, this is profound. amazing. this man is thinking about OTHER HUMANS, not about money! this man is selling something and not trying to turn as large a profit as possible (because, c'mon, he probably doesn't need the money) but rather trying to HELP SOMEONE ELSE. he is operating a business, but NOT THINKING capitalistically.
tell me if i'm being too optimistic, but marbury gives me some hope for the world. i just want to give him a hug.